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What's behind?

Naples, the cradle of the Italian tanning.

Not everybody knows that the Italian tanning industry, world leader in the sector, finds its roots in the Roman empire. At that time, new refined techniques were developed to preserve the leathers.These techniques spread across the entire empire...with Pompeii being the beating hearth of the business.

A real "University of the leather"."

Thanks to the recent findings of 12 tanning pools at the archaelogical site of Pompeii, we can affirm that Naples was a real "University of the leather". The leathers were treated with natural tannins and then used as garments. After centuries, Naples is still preserving this primacy.

Only the best produced locally!

Since 1923, our mission is to pay tribute to this ancient tradition by exporting all around the world a product that is modern and innovative but always faithful to the roots.


In the end, every single pair is handmade. We love to think that in a world where everything is quick and globalized, true values still exist, and that's why Omega remains faithful to some techniques such as hand cutting and some rares sewing styles, that have characterized Neapolitan gloves for centuries!