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About us

Family Tradition


Some cities are historically associated to the traditional art of craftsmanship, and Naples is the capital of gloves production.

The history of gloves production starts in one of the oldest neighbourhoods of the city, known as ‘Sanità’.

This tradition has lasted now for over two centuries and saw its golden era under the House of Bourbon.

It’s exactly during this time that the oldest gloves factory was born. In 1923 Gennaro Squillace found Omega Srl, led today by Alberto Squillace, fifth generation maitre gantier.

Omega production counts with a limited number of items each year to always guarantee the highest attention to details. Our creations are made with the finest leathers such as plongé lamb, peccary, carpinchos and deer and lined with pure silk and cachemire from Biella that provide our clients with the highest quality of the Made in Naples.

It is not by chance that the greatest house of haute couture in the world are Omega’s affectionate clients. 

The entire production process, including the tanning, the colouring and the treatment, belong to the craft tradition since the Romans times, and is conduct at the foothills of the Vesuvius, under the close supervision of the Squillace family. Whereas, the cutting, the sewin and the quality check are carried out in our Atelier located in the historical gloves’ maker neighbourhood.

Despite its minimal aspect, the procedure to realise a single glove counts no less than 25 production stages, each carried out strictly by hand by masters with ‘lifelong’ experience in this area of expertise.

During the creation process, the aspiring glove passes through hands, experiences and traditions that enrich with history the most beautiful fashion boutiques’ windows in Paris and New York displaying the Omega gloves.

Every day we welcome in our atelier groups of tourists in love with the Neapolitan handcraft tradition and fond of Omega savoir-faire.



OMEGA's Family Tree


1st Generation  /  Pasquale Squillace

2nd Generation /  Gennaro Squillace

3th Generation  /  Alberto Squillace

4th Generation  /  Mauro Squillace

5th Generation  /  Alberto Squillace