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Welcome to our website - Omega srl gloves

Historic year of foundation 1923 
First Generation: Gennaro Squillace (1890/1968) 
Second generation: Alberto Squillace (1936) 
Third Generation: Mauro Squillace (1963) 
Fourth generation: Alberto Squillace Jr. (1991) 

Unlike other cities, the historic center of Naples has kept alive a craft : The making of  leather gloves. This took advantage of the presence of a strong regional industry of tanning and dyeing (called University of leather), has meant that Naples is called the "World Capital of the glove," before, to date, still holds. Known since the eighteenth  century, this production really took off beginning of the next century. The presence of the Bourbon court in the capital of Kingdom of Two Sicilies has contributed significantly to the worldwide development of this product already known for its beauty and quality. A decline, indeed, there was 60/70 years, but in recent years, since the consumers prefer to buy less, but focusing on quality products and long-lasting and fashion has rediscovered the glove as an essential accessory, you been delivered, made by hand in the glove Naples, the dignity that they should. Omega still manages to create through the gloves selection of the best skins "full bloom" dyes by Immersion (not covered/ patent) cut by hand for better fit and lined silk or cashmere gloves (100%) of superior quality. There is a great synergy between our experience and our technique, on the one hand, and the needs and feedback of our customers, on the other, they become the stimulus main to continue on this path. A couple of gloves, manufactured in traditional way is the subject of 25 tasks ranging from cutting to finishing. These steps, all done by hand categorically, are mostly made at home or in homes in the nears Countries of the Province of Naples. These processes allow hands to receive the greatest heat allowing perspiration and thus avoiding the sweating. We emphasize that our goods are considered "unique/ pièces uniques/one-off " because of the craftsmanship production and the naturalness of the material mean that they can not exist two identical items.

Family's seal

Family's seal - Omega srl gloves

The family seal Squillace was created in 1923 by the founder, to mark the goods and to distinguish it from all other productions, and is passed down from generation to generation.
 We thought to reproduce photographically to emphasize the love of our traditions.

Manufacture of leather gloves cut only by hand (Award best glove 2014)

The art, tradition, passion, love for their work, the dignity of building with their hands and for thehands, the finesse of a skin that your spouse, a softness that gives the freedom of gesture, with the awareness of possessing a "one-off" due extreme craftsmanship and natural materials.Our gloves are living with your hands and talk, to who knows how to listen, a centuries-old craft that has done, and continues to do, the history of Naples. 

Omega srl., to satisfy its customers can now, to get hold of these "works of art” directly from the factory (Free Entry), where, sipping a homemade Neapolitan coffee, you can observe closely, and explained in English, French and Russian, the entire production process with its canonical passages 25 (For groups of more than 12 units Reservations recommended) [times: 08,30 / 18,00] or, if unable to visit us through the online shop directly on the site.

"Our desire to satisfy you ... our satisfaction in seeing you again ..." 


Manufacture of leather gloves cut only by hand (Award best glove 2014) - Omega srl gloves

"Hands of Leather" film produced by Omega Srl

"Hands of Leather" film produced by Omega Srl - Omega srl gloves

The Film "Mani di Pelle" is posted in full on youtube. All four parts make up the 35-minute short film where through tanning, color, cutting and produces a high quality glove, not to mention the history that has characterized the entire sector.

Click on the photos and watch the movie version filmed in 2007

Hands Skin, a film about the ancient craft of glove. Naples once exported around 90% of world production. In the health district was not a street, a square, a lane where you do not produce leather gloves. Entire families, sometimes consisting of 100 or 200 people, all dedicated to the construction and creation of gloves. Directed by Antonio Caiafa, made with no distribution, by Mauro Squillace.